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The Birth Of 'mmm delish'

On what one could consider to be a standard school day, amongst the prime-time of Year 11, one of the greatest NBCS memes ever, was created. Amidst a run-of-the-mill lunch break, a single image, taken by Max, characterised and symbolised the single greatest man since the formation of the universe. On this day, MMM Delish was born. - Jack Clempson

Man Default Dances in front of an Eggplant 🍆 (gone wrong) (gone sexual) 😳💦

When I was initially offered to write an article about this masterpiece of cinema, I found myself at a loss when thinking on the question of where exactly do I begin? At first glance, it shouldn’t seem like that complex of a film - in fact, that’s what I thought when watching it for the first time. Clearly, I was wrong. I’ve had the privilege of sitting down with the director, Owen Taylor (star of the hit film NBCS WIDE), who could perhaps give us some valuable insight into the meaning of his latest piece - Joel fucking Default Dances In Front of an Eggplant - Elliot MK

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